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3 Reason You Should be Following Arius on Youtube

Do you follow DJ duo Arius on Youtube? If you don’t, you need too! They’re one of the most unique electronic duos in the scene–wildly raunchy, wickedly talented, and most importantly they document their vivacious lives for us vicariously live through them, and of course, enjoy their terrorizing tunes. Because their Youtube channel is as lit as their Soundcloud we have to share the 3 main reasons why you should follow it.

Finger Banging

No, not like that. Like this below. Taking the magic of what goes on behind the decks on up uploading it to Youtube is Tessa Lizz’s of Arius’s specialty. Between her sticking good looks and speedy fingerwork. One could fall down the Arius Youtube rabbit hole quite easily.

Childish Gambino – This Is America (ARIUS REMIX)

They Go Beyond The Music


What does good music make us do? IT MAKES US DANCE! Some better than others but still it’s a fact. Matt Nguyen- other half Aruis- not only is a dubstep producer with girlfriend Tessa Lizz but he is a member of the famous Poreotics Dance Crew. He dances to Dillion Francis, he dances to dubstep, he dances to it all and he does it very well.

Their Live Sets All in One Place

ARIUS Live @ Phoenix Lights Fest 2018 FULL SET

Last but certainly not least, Aruis posts high-quality streams of their dirty dubstep sets.  Who else has thought to themselves, “wow Arius’s set was so sick, I wish I could relive it whenever I wanted?” Well kids, dreams really do come true. With one follow you can have all sets and sick drops you want.

Connect with Arius: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud | Youtube

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