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G Jones Puts Forth a Masterpiece with ‘Time’

G Jones has released the third single off his forthcoming debut LP—and it may well be his career-defining masterpiece. Phoenix got a tatse of the track, “Time,” when G Jones previewed it during his Bassrush Massive set last Saturday night. As captivating as the moment was, the studio version even exceeds that experience.

“Time” is a thoughtful composition in which time is at once theme and structure. The track opens with the tolling of clock-tower bells, as a generated voice repeats the evocative one-word refrain: “time.” Tempo here is malleable: G Jones effortlessly transitions from an intense breakbeat into a slower flute melody, and then into an impressive combination of the two. In six minutes, “Time” somehow suspends time itself. At the end, the listener is left in a wash of ambient noise as the song decelerates into the subtle sound of a ticking clock.

The track is a wonderful compliment to the two earlier singles—the ethereal “Understand the Possibility” and the heavier “In Your Head”—as it fluidly combines elements of both. The extent of G Jones’ talents for complex production has not gone unnoticed. He even received attention from Aphex Twin—an achievement that G Jones recognized as meaning “more than winning a Grammy or anything like that.” With the prospect of this album, G Jones may well be joining the ranks of some of the most influential producers of our time.

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