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Check Out Martin Garrix’ ‘Yottabyte’

It’s been a week of highs and lows for Mr. Garrix. Just 7 days ago, Martin Garrix took to Twitter to announce that two of his homefronts will be rocking under the same roof. His label, STMPD records, will be hosting it’s very own stage at the oh-so-prestigious Amsterdam Dance Event. Rightfully so, as this festival is located right in the heart of Garrix’s hometown. Enhancing the event, Garrix threw up a cryptic graphic that leads people to believe 5 songs in 5 days would be dropped. And for good reason, Garrix is known to doing grand stunts like this

Before fans could even finish blowing up in their group chats, another dance news bomb was dropped.  Someone had leaked the tracklist of the super secret, super special EP. Womp womp womp. But even in the face of disappointment, Garrix kept the positivity up and kept on with the plan. Monday brought a banger. Ironically titled, “Breach” was the first of 5 releases.

Banger right? Well, he’s just getting started. Tuesday’s release and the one that has us talking today is equally as amazing. “Yottabyte” is an emotive melody that just screams “mainstage must see.” It’s the balance of bombastic happiness and upbeat dance breaks that makes his music loved by literally everyone who listens to him, ever.

Usually, I have very little excitement about Tuesdays, with it being so far away from Friday and all, but in the case of Garris’x string of releases…Tuesday feeling as good as Friday at 5 o’ clock.  Stay tuned and keep up with Garrix this week because he’s got 3 more coming. God Bless his love for ADE.

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