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RL Grime Drops Spooky Seasonal Mix ‘Halloween VII’

‘Tis the (scary) season, and time for RL Grime‘s annual Halloween mix. Every Hallow’s Eve, RL drops the filthiest trap set that, let’s face it, blows your typical Halloween party playlist out of the water. Step aside, “Monster Mash!” There’s a reason RL’s DJ name is so close to R.L. Stine’s: he’s the master of spooks.

“Halloween VII” opens with eery sounds and a bizarre introduction from DJ Diesel, asking RL Grime where his Halloween mix is at, ending his intro with, “RL… man you’re grimey,” RL responds with the grimiest Halloween mix yet… and it should be the grimiest, considering this is his seventh mix in a row for Halloween! While trap music is not necessarily creepy like, say, bass music, RL still pulls off a dark and nearly sinister vibe for the entirety of the mix. Aside from ghoulish and ghostly sounds, RL features both new and old trap tracks including Cozway‘s “Nightshade,” Lil Wayne‘s “6 Foot 7 Foot,” and G Jones‘ “Forgotten Dreams,” along with special unreleased IDs. If you’ve never listened to one of RL’s Halloween mixes before, you’d better jump on the bandwagon now because RL is the trap king of Halloween!

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