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Finals & Deadlines Approaching? 4 Tracks to Help You Focus

It’s almost the end of the year – whether you’re a student in school or you have work deadlines looming over you, there’s a lot to be done before we ring in 2019. This part of the year can be exhausting – you’ve been working your butt off all year, and now you’re exhausted and over it. But now is the home stretch; just a little more work and then you’re done! To make this last push a little more fun, we’ve selected four of our favorite tracks that really get you in the zone.

1. Above & Beyond – “Northern Soul”

Trance is always an excellent go-to when studying or needing to be seriously focused on work. The constant, quick bpm will have your mind moving faster, and the work will go by faster. This Above & Beyond track is especially encouraging, considering the lyrics “You can never take my soul.” Take that, workload: no matter the work, you can never take my soul.

2. REZZ – “Lucifer”

This is an older REZZ track with a dark techno vibe to it. There’s something about it that induces a sort of frenzied energy that goes perfectly with cramming any last minute studying or work. Maybe it’s the devil himself on your heels until you finish your assignments. Either way, this is an evil bop to zone you in on your work.

3. Drezo – “Heaven”

This one’s similar to “Lucifer” but goes one deeper and one faster. So think that same frenzied rush to complete your work, but think more panic. Hey, at least you’ll be speeding through the work like it’s nothing… plus, Drezo‘s evil house vibe just rocks.

4. Chris Lake – “Y.O.D.O”

Okay… let’s face it, Chris Lake‘s music is best suited for when you’re shuffling and dancing and definitely not when you’re stuck at a desk. However, “Y.O.D.O.” really does have a concentrating effect with its futuristic synths and steady beat. Focus now, dance later. Chris Lake is a part of his new project, Anti Up, who will be at Decadence this year, along with the rest of the artists on this list. Get your deadlines completed so that you can unwind and party into the new year, and get your tickets for Decadence here!

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