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Kygo’s New Track Will Make You ‘Happy Now’

Everyone’s favorite trop/progressive house DJ brings us his new track featuring recognizable singer/songwriter Sandro Cavassa. Still running off his 2018 album, Remind Me To Forget, the Norwegian Kygo breathes new life into his newest fanatic feel good song. An artist that has been able to virtually corner a whole subgenre with his ability to tug at heartstrings and put you on a private island in the Bahamas at the same time, Kygo is the ultimate stress reliever.

Holding a large presence on the track is Cavassa, who has made himself largely known via tracks with Avicii and songs of his own. This piece fits Kygo’s image perfectly, adding more depth to his already seemingly mastered sound. The artist has fittingly started his own record label, indicating he could be cooking something up for us in the near future. Take a listen to his new track and keep up to date with what Kygo could be bringing us next!

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