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YOOKiE Drops a ‘BASSiC’ EP

YOOKiE sure knows how to bring the heat, this time enlisting the support of major hard-hitting artists G-Rex and Kai Wachi. Released in late October, the BASSiC EP is sick full of the complex liquid bass that is guaranteed to melt your headphones. This is not one you want to pass up on; these tracks are hot!

Leading the pack is the “F U” with Kai Wachi. The song is seeing extreme popularity, being one of the hardest songs for either of them to date. The three solo tracks “Human Annihilation,” “Last Transmission,” and “Brain Warp” all match his sound while each adding individual flavor. “Brain Warp” has a super cool experimental tech twist to it, and “Human Annihilation” receives the medal for possibly the hardest track of the project.

The most standout piece has to be “MF Thang” with G-Rex, which has a mid-measure drop that has been absolutely turning heads. The track makes perfect timing with G-Rex’s EP RIFT, which makes great company for this collab.

Catch YOOKiE at Gentle Ben’s in Tucson next weekend, November 15th. Grab tickets here.

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