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RB Exclusive Interview: Just A Gent Isn’t Just A Kid Anymore

Just a Gent isn’t just a kid anymore. Born Jacob Grant, the Australian producer started releasing music when he was only 16, producing tracks like “Limelight,” which would go on to become remixed by the legendary NGHTMRE. Since then, Just a Gent has been building himself into a real gentleman of the EDM world, dropping remixes and original music that prove talent only gets better with age. Most recently, he’s released a six-track EP cleverly titled http://EP. The EP is masterfully crafted, with songs ranging from bass music, trap, and future bass. I wanted to pick the brain of someone who has clearly found success early, so I asked Jacob some of my most pressing questions.

You just finished a summer tour and announced you’ll be playing FOMO Festival next year. How was the tour, and how does playing in Australia, your home, compare to playing in other regions?

The tour was amazing and I love playing in Australia. Especially Sydney and Newcastle (hometown crowds). There’s definitely a different vibe in all the regions I’ve played in. Australia definitely loves to hear bangers and go super hard whereas for example a lot of the American crowds love to get down to more melodic and seem to appreciate a bit more of the experimental stuff.

You got your start at just 16 — Just A Youngin’! What’s changed most for you over the last five years?

A lot has changed, I’ve grown a tonne as a producer and learned about the industry and how everything works compared to what I knew as a youngin’. I also find now I’m a bit older it makes touring etc so much easier as I can just tour solo and not need an adult when playing shows.

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Streaming live gameplay has been a trend with DJs lately, and you recently live streamed your experience with the new Call of Duty game. This is such a cool way to connect with fans. What other ways do you try to connect with your fans outside of your music?

Yeah, streaming is a great way because it’s such a chill vibe and easy to chat to everyone and have a bunch of fun at the same time. Other than music and video games I don’t do a whole lot but I really want to be able to connect with everyone and hang out rather than just tweet etc.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across your Just a Tune flip of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of.” Why do you separate Just a Tune from Just a Gent, and do you think you’ll ever release your remix officially as Just a Gent?

The reason I decided to separate the two is because I wanted to focus the Just A Gent project on its originals and a few remixes here and there and I also wanted a platform to just be able to throw up bootlegs and edits on the internet without thinking about it. So Just A Tune just made sense at the time and I’m still working on countless edits all of the time and am gonna be posting a bunch of JAT edits over the next few months.

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