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Kayzo & Valentino Khan Create Multi-Genre Fusion ‘Novocaine’

Do you like hardstyle, drum & bass, or trap? Do you enjoy well-rounded musi? Well, Valentino Khan and Kayzo have mastered the genres to blend all of this together for one wild ride of a song. “Novocaine” is not for the faint of heart (or hearing). Prepare for an assault to the senses from the start of the track, which begins with intense hardstyle-influenced percussion. Khan uses this as a warm up to deliver jarring, distorted synths and a heavy dose of bass, melding elements of trap and drum & bass to make “Novocaine” a hybrid of modern bass music.

This genre rollercoaster really appeals to the masses. The different influences are clearly defined throughout the song, yet each one flows smoothly into the other. It’s easy to tell that Khan and Kayzo equally invested their talents and energies into this one – and their hard work will pay off when the track is played in sets for months to come.

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Photo: Terry Beeman

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