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Laxcity Chills Out Ekali and Medasin’s ‘Forever’

Respect and appreciation go hand-in-hand, especially in the music industry. “Forever” is a collaboration between Canadian producer Ekali and Dallas native producer Medasin. The original version was included on Ekali’s Crystal Eyes EP as a standout smash hit, racking up over four million plays on Spotify alone. The tune got the attention of a UK based producer by the name of Laxcity, who happens to be a wizard when it comes to downtempo, chill out tracks. Ekali shot him the vocals and Lax did the rest, turning what was an uptempo, bouncy song into an ambient, tranquil ballad. Elohim‘s vocals are the focal point, with the mellow instrumentals and sped down tempo giving way for the lyrics to take the spotlight. You can listen to the remix below.

Originally, the song was sent to Ekali as a bootleg but the producer appreciated Laxcity’s version so much that he decided to make it an official remix. It’s a good thing he did because this version needed to reach a broader audience. Without straying too far away from the original, the “Forever” remix is an incredible flip of an already flawless piece of work. The artistry between everyone involved on the song shines through on both versions, showcasing a great cast of musical talent, all of them presenting a glimpse into why they are experts in their craft.

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