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Dotcom to Return After Two Year Hiatus

Late last month, Dotcom, also known as Chris Comstock, excited the EDM community with news that he will be releasing new music this year. The last song that Dotcom released before his hiatus came out two years ago and since then fans have only wanted more.


Two days after his announcement that new music will be coming he retweeted a video that gave fans a sneak peek as to what we will be expecting from this new era. The video features Comstock dancing on stage and hyping up the audience along with some trap-heavy music.

In late 2017, Chris Comstock’s name became a trending topic as many believed him to be the mastermind behind Marshmello. Marshmello’s rise to fame came around the same time as Dotcom’s hiatus. Fans believe that Chris Comstock decided to create the persona Marshmello as he was not happy with Dotcom’s commercial image. Inspired by Deadmau3 and Daft Punk, Marshmello hid his identity from the world and as a result, we know little on his personality and true identity. Fans of both the pop-ballad genius Marhsmello and the heavy anthems of Dotcom are eagerly waiting for confirmation of his verification, but Comstock has yet to confirm. Despite this, Dotcom fans consistently Tweet and sent private messages, begging for the rebirth of Dotcom. Dotcom has worked with artists such as SAYMYNAME, Ookay, Jauz, and Yultron to produce a sound that is far harder than Marshmello’s pop/ R&B ballads.

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