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Kygo Releases ‘Think About You’ as First Single of 2019

Kygo released his first single of 2019, “Think About You” featuring Valerie Broussard, and it’s the sentimental love ballad we needed. With Kygo’s bright, soothing sound and Valerie Broussard‘s hypnotic voice, “Think About You” is a new type of track from the 27-year-old Norwegian DJ. In 2017, Kygo released “It Ain’t Me” featuring Selena Gomez and today the song has over 800 million listens on Spotify. 2018 was just as successful for Kygo with the track “Born to be Yours” featuring Imagine Dragons and “Happy Now,” plus shows at Coachella and Lollapalooza Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. While the song is just as captivating as his other uplighting tracks, Valerie Broussard’s hauntingly sweet voice adds a layer of depth that could be an interesting direction for Kygo.

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