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13’s Latest EP is a ‘Revelation’ in Midtempo Bass

Oh, you thought 13 was done hitting us with fire bangers? Guess again. 13 has proven he is as ruthless as the bass in his music with his latest EP, Revelation, which comes out just a month after his last EP, Old World Order. They are both released on the mau5trap label, and they both slap hard. With two back to back EP releases, 13 is gaining massive attention with his impressive work ethic and even more impressive sound design. Make sure you catch up and listen to Old World Order, and then let’s immerse ourselves in Revelation.

Revelation is a three-track EP that exhibits 13’s midtempo mastery while also exceeding our expectations set by his last EP. First on Revelation is “Oath,” which is filled with distorted, fuzzy, growling bass and a vocal dominant intro before the drop. Next is the long-awaited track “Delusion,” which has a noticeably metal-inspired riff in the intro and a drop infused with distorted, moving bass, adding groove rather than a wall of sound like “Oath.” Finally, “Purgatory” features a slow and ambient intro and tension that builds along as you go, leading into the drop which has a wall of distorted fuzz found in “Oath,” and the groove of “Delusion.” In the second drop, 13 introduces a metallic plucky bass that adds more tone, groove, and variation in relation to the track’s first drop. It’s incredible to realize that this EP release comes so suddenly after Old World Order… and it makes us wonder how soon his next release might be.

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