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Lucii’s Latest Single ‘Neptune’ is Out of This World

There’s a rapidly evolving alien in the space bass realm of music, and she goes by the name Lucii. Also known as Emily Rose, Lucii is an important contributor to the weird, freaky subgenre that is fondly referred to by listeners as “space bass,” also gaining recognition from similarly unique producers like Clozee and Liquid Stranger. Her last single “Invade” launched her onto our radar, and her latest otherworldly track, “Neptune,” comes proudly released on the Wakaan label.

“Neptune” starts out with an ethereal, soothing vocal intro and leads straight into a drop that’s both calm and heavy and is filled with wide, plucky bass notes and space-inspired leads and atmospheric synths. Lucii’s crooning, yearning voice paired with a complex layering of fluid bass and interstellar euphoria has certainly earned her a forever place in the Wakaan family. The evolution of this alien’s sound will only rise from here.

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