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Spin it Back Saturday: Trampa – ‘Jump Smoke’

UK-born producer/DJ Rikki Moore, aka Trampa, has positioned himself as one of the leading dubstep producers of his generation with relentlessly heavy and gritty productions. His sounds teeters on that fiery London Dubstep and the new age hard stuff that keeps his sound cutting edge. Having over 6 years in the music making and headbanging business, Trampa knows a thing or two about head splitting sounds. For today’s Spin it Back Saturday we are celebrating the tremendously talented Trampa and his 2013 hit, “Jump Smoke.” New to the song? Well, you’re in luck. Check it out below. 

Released by Firepower records, this track has garnered hundreds of thousands of plays and is STILL getting social recognition to this day. Being one of the hardest working bass heads in the game, Trampa can be found jetting all over the world, shaking the grounds of places like New York, New Orleans and soon, Tempe, Arizona for Round 3 of his Knockout Tour. Don’t miss this epic battle between you and the king of bass; grab your tickets here.
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