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Notorious Dubstep Producer Joey Verrando, better known as HE$H, released his TRY TO RUN earlier this month. Since then, it’s been streamed over 50k times, and for good reason. Out on his shared label with BOMMER, FUCKSHIT Records, this 5-track EP contains a blend of wonky dubstep, with wubs strategically crafted to produce an enthralling, mind-melting experience. Listen to the EP below: 

With HE$H’s use of traditional dubstep, combined with his own unique and peculiar flair, he is able to create extraordinary musical effects that keep us coming back for more. TRY TO RUN  is available now on all platforms.

Relentless Beats is proud to present HE$H and BOMMER’s “The World Is Yours” tour next month across four dates and cities. Grab tickets here.

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