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The Switch Up: Understanding an Artist’s Development

Change is necessary. If you can’t bring yourself to change in one aspect or another, growth simply isn’t possible. The same goes for musicians, even when some of their fans would rather they stay in the same lane. Change and development are instrumental in order to maintain the creative edge that our favorite artists have, so it’s time to accept that some artists will not stick to their familiar formula, in hopes of expanding their reach in the music world.

It’s a constant battle that is most often seen online. An artist releases new music and it is different than their previous work. Soon thereafter, you see replies such as “Why’d you switch up?” or “I miss the old (insert artist name here)” all over social media. Not only is this unfair, but it can also be disrespectful to the artist. A lot of the DJ/producers we love put everything they have into their music, so an attack on them, especially when they are stepping outside their creative box, is unwarranted. It’s a simple solution, really, just listen to the older stuff that you already love! The song you hate may be someone else’s favorite song of all time. To tell someone that their development as an artist or performer is sub-par just because it doesn’t jive with you personally is unfair. 

We must remember that these artists are human. Sure, they seem larger than life while on stage, but behind the scenes, they stress and strive to please their fan base. It takes a lot for an artist such as Bear Grillz to get personal in a song, or Getter to create an album that is basically the polar opposite of what he’s produced during his career.

Even the biggest names in the game switch up during the span of their career. If you listen to ODESZA‘s Summer’s Gone album and then their latest release, A Moment Apart, the difference in sound as well as production is quite obvious. However, that “switch up” doesn’t make them any less authentic. They simply grew and transformed their sound. Just like our tastes change as the listener, an artists influences and mindset do as well. It’s hard to imagine just how much pressure they feel to stick to a certain sound while also trying to expand their horizons within the process.

Below, Skrillex discusses various aspects of his musical career, including his transition from emo to the electronic world, as well as dealing with criticism. 

Skrillex: The Making of a Superstar

You as a consumer have every right in the world to not enjoy a particular song or artist. However, it’s much less exhausting to love what you love than to bash on what you don’t. We must keep in mind as a community that everyone has different tastes, different passions, and different views. That statement doesn’t differ when it comes to the artists creating the music that we enjoy. Respect goes an incredibly long way, and the EDM community needs to be the ones who lead the charge.

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