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Ekonovah’s Debut EP is a Refreshing New Twist on House Music

Within the last year, the bass house movement seems to have exploded once again. Even artists of other, oftentimes completely different, genres are sharing their input into this highly diverse subgenre. With so much new music being released, it’s refreshing to hear something that’s truly innovative and that’s exactly what 21-year-old Arizona-based producer, Ekonovah, has done in his debut EP You Know.

Ekonovah, born Stephen Scotti, wowed us earlier this month with “Lazy” and then again on May 17 with You Know. Ekonovah’s music falls on the house side of bass house, all while maintaining the same bass-heavy energy. “Sanctify” is a perfect example of this. With soulful vocals and danceable drum and basslines, the energy in this track never dies. It’s not only a fun song to dance to, but it’s also fun to just listen to, thanks to Ekonovah’s brilliant sound design. “Rdl” features the duo ANIMATE and combined with Ekonovah, the three artists have created a high energy bass house song that you’ll want on repeat. My personal favorite song off the EP, “Rdl” is a fantastic mix of bass and house. The bass is much more prominent and as a result has an edgier, more intense aesthetic for the house genre. With the addition of some quirky vocals, the song will certainly get everyone on the dancefloor getting “right down low.”

Ekonovah has been working tirelessly to master his sound in a new, fresh way. Keep your eye on his socials below.

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