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Desert Hearts Announces Darker SubLabel, Desert Hearts Black

“We can easily find our way in the light, but in the darkness is where we can truly discover who we are.” These wise words quoted in the Desert Hearts official announcement of their new sublabel, Desert Hearts Black, perfectly embody the energy of darker, deeper house music that will be featured on the Black label. Desert Hearts has grown to be fondly known as a family that brings the greatest energies together in the name of techno and house music, and with the Black label, there will now be a special outlet for that darker vibe that you might find at the latest hours that stretch into the early morning.

The Desert Hearts Black label is curated by Desert Hearts founder Marbs and festival mainstay Evan Casey, who together will comb the world of house & techno for the heavier and darker sounds that truly deserve their own sublabel. Speaking about the label, Marbs says, “The primary intention of Desert Hearts Black is to open up more opportunities for the community to experience and participate in the late night and early morning music heard at the festival over the years. Currently, Desert Hearts Records has represented our house community to the fullest and we want to provide that same outlet for those in our family who enjoy heavier, darker, more journey driven sounds.” To kickstart the launch, Marbs, Evan Casey, and techno artist Rinzen will release their collaborative Torus EP on August 9th, as well as celebrate with a label launch party in Downtown LA, also on August 9th. If you’d like more information on the new label, you can read Desert Hearts’ eloquently written official announcement here.

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