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RÜFÜS DU SOL Releases 6th Volume of ‘Solace’ Remixes

RÜFÜS DU SOL has been steadily releasing series of remixes of their Solace album, dropped in October, since the end of 2018. The sixth version of remixes was released at the end of last month. Following their most consistent pattern, it’s composed of one track, this time “Underwater” and there are three new versions of it to enjoy. 

The group showcases different artists on each remix collection, so the public has been able to hear many different styles of appreciation towards the entirety that is the Solace album. The first remix of the 3, by Willaris K, is very smooth and long transitioning, but worth the wait. It is definitely (perspectively) the most, calming of the 3, almost lullaby-like. Yotto’s ‘Dusk’ edit gives an end-of-the-night anthem feel and has a consistently sped up sound to it. Listening to Yotto’s ‘Dawn’ remix, you can actually hear the fluctuation on the tempo spectrum between the two. Overall, it’s a well-developed remix release.

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