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Heavy Metal Meets Electronic In SWARM and ATHR’s ‘Singing To The Sky’

It’s always refreshing to hear music that you can tell comes straight from the heart of the artist. This type of music carries a natural, intense energy and upcoming dark bass producers SWARM and ATHR just released a song that’s the perfect example of this rare kind of music. SWARM and ATHR released “Singing to the Sky,” a metal-electronic fusion that takes the listener on a journey through aggressive bass drops, stirring lyrics, and genius instrumentals. 

ATHR’s vocals combined with SWARM’s heavy metal inspired-sound captivates the listener and quickly draws them into a world of darkness. While many artists have combined metal and electronic music before, SWARM and ATHR do an incredible job merging the two genres in a new, original way. There are times during “Singing to the Sky” where I couldn’t tell if the instruments playing were electronic or recorded and it’s this thin line between electronic and physical instrumentation that gives the song life. The hard-hitting electric guitar-like bass and sudden violin fills make for a clever, yet utterly badass drop. “Singing To The Sky” is full of energy and you can hear the pure emotion in ATHR’s voice as he sings and screams each lyric. 

If you enjoyed “Singing to the Sky” and metal-electronic fusion, be sure to check out ATHR and SWARM’s other music below, you won’t be disappointed.

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