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Journey ‘Into the Night’ With Eli & Fur’s Latest Release

Eli Noble and Jennifer Skillman of Eli & Fur were just 16 years old when they started producing their own music. After college, the duo began attracting attention from labels and their debut song “You’re So High” accumulated over 5 million views since its release. Eli & Fur’s music is a unique blend of deep-house and pop and fans have been patiently waiting for the next release. On August 13, Eli & Fur released the lead single off their upcoming EP, “Into the Night” on Above and Beyond deep house label, Anjunadeep, and it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. 

Breathtaking vocals alongside an airy, atmospheric pad introduce “Into the Night”. The vocals subtly evolve into a danceable, organic beat that shares the same groove as their previous release, “Coming Back”. The build-up continues to grow as bright synth plucks play out the main melody and gentle vocal chops fill out the empty spaces in the song. Eli & Fur explain that “Into the Night” is about freeing yourself and taking risks in our everyday lives: 

“Sometimes you find yourself shutting off and making excuses about why not to connect with how you feel on an emotional level. Taking the plunge into something different to your usual routine is incredibly liberating. ‘Into The Night’ is about that feeling, stepping into the unknown and embracing something you never knew you needed” 

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