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‘OMG’ Gryffin Just Released a Track with Carly Rae Jepsen

The next pop-hit is out now and it’s the perfect summer love story for those fans who can’t help but fall for springy vocals and feel-good synths. Gryffin collaborated with Carly Rae Jepsen to release something fresh for the season, while still maintaining his signature sound of a glowing mix of electronic and organic elements. “OMG” is Gryffin’s third release to the highly anticipated album, Gravity, set to come out later this year. Collaborating with Aloe Blacc on “Hurt People” and releasing “All You Need To Know” with Slander and Calle Lehmann, and now “OMG” with Jepsen, Gryffin is amping up for his North American Gravity II Tour. His bubbly energy both in the studio and amongst his fans translates so beautifully into his work. He has mastered those flawless vocal-driven tracks showered with light-hearted, but powerful instrumentals. “OMG” is out now on Darkroom/Geffen Records. Go from zero to a million listening to this track below.

Partnering together, Jepsen and Gryffin seem to blend both of their styles and energies in a way that’s fun, fresh, and summer-worthy. According to Billboard, Jepsen called Gryffin a “kindred spirit” in the studio, while Gryffin tweeted that he “could not be more proud of this record and how it came together.” Be sure to add this hit to your sweet summer playlist and mark your calendars for Gryffin’s return. He will be at The Van Burren on December 4th for his upcoming tour. Click here to get tickets.

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Source: Billboard

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