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Welcome to Dada Land: Celebrating 10 Years

There are no rules but the rules of Dada. How does the famed Swedish house DJ duo, Olle Corner and Stefan Engblom, co-create an immersive experience that instills a sense of distraction from the troubles and stressors of life? Dada Life has been infamous for their tender playfulness and vivacious escapade. The passion they have towards providing keen attentiveness to the overall experience is a reason why a Dada Life show sets themselves apart from other events. This mischievous duo inspires many in the music scene by putting into perspective how crucial it is to establish authenticity amongst an ever-evolving style of music. Dada life co-founded their name over twelve years ago; their inspiration stemmed from the concept of ‘Dadaism,’ which defined as ridiculing the seriousness of a modernized or capitalized market. The duo’s effervescent energy they bring to events goes far beyond the bananas and champagne. Their mission focuses on fortifying originality and mastering idiosyncrasy to transform the musical experience for attendees worldwide.

In 2012, Olle and Stefan produced a legendary EP known as The Rules of Dada, which pioneered their performances moving forward. The EP enraptured this duo’s individuality and illogicality; it enabled an appreciation towards the essence of having untamed and unadulterated fun. Inventing rules that are nothing short of frivolous allows music goers to unshackle their fears and surrender themselves to the power of music. When stepping into Dada Land, the unexpected becomes expected, fantasies are born, and your true bona fide self has the capability of breaking through the surface.

The energy this duo poses is inevitably contagious. The rules of Dada ominously symbolize the importance of having nothing short of a good time. There are a total of seventeen rules showcased throughout a dada life show. These rules range from the practical, such as ‘if you’re stuck, you need to go harder’ to the philosophical, ‘Art should be loud as F***’. These rules embellish the personas of who these two arbitrary men really are. Life does not need to have the magic swept from underneath you; like Olle and Stefan, these rules only exacerbate the imaginative intellect behind the raw meaning of them. These rules constitute a state of harmonic freedom. In doing so, this pair has revolutionized dance music culture from the inside out.

If you are ready to literally jump right in and be surrounded by the bombastic musical energy of Dada Life, then there is no other place to be this Saturday when Dada Life performs as a special guest with NERVO and Party Favor at Talking Stick Resort. You can purchase tickets here.

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