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FuntCase Delivers a ‘Death Stomp’ with Versa

Fan fave FuntCase is unafraid of dealing the deathblow when it comes to nasty drops. He’s an ambitious and talented producer who dares to experiment with dubstep and drum & bass, and he’s put a notch in his belt for releasing under Circus Records, the prestigious label of Flux Pavilion. Recently, he’s released a collaboration on this label with bass protégé Versa titled “Death Stomp,” and it’s a hitter.

“Death Stomp” is overwhelming to the senses, with a heavy bassline and experimental synths to overload your mind and leave you in a state of hard-hitting musical paralysis. FuntCase and Versa together have proven they can deliver dubstep worthy enough for dubstep lord Flux Pavilion’s label. This release is the beginning of FuntCase’s bass reign of terror, followed by an EP and subsequent tour on the horizon. Join FuntCase on this journey when he comes to Goldrush on September 27th and 28th. Get your tickets here.

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