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Mihalis Safras Drops Enticing New EP ‘Afrodance’

Greek producer and DJ Mihalis Safras has something new and special to guide you through early autumn, releasing new tech house tracks to listen to all September long. You may have heard of this talented artist before, as he has made quite the name for himself, securing titles such as ‘Best Tech House Artist of the Year” in 2015 and being nominated for a plethora of other DJ awards during his musical career. He is also the co-founder of the record label ‘Material Series,’ and has collaborated with many well-loved names and other labels during his long-lived experience in the industry. Aside from his remarkably impressive resume, his unique and artistic take on tech house truly sets him apart and distinguishes him as a prominent force in electronic music. His newest EP, Afrodance, delivers much-needed vibes and entices listeners to get lost in the music. Listen to the EP below!

With thoughtful beats and sensational drops, this 2-track EP is well-worth the listen. Each track provides special moods, build ups, and somehow manages to capture mystery and groove simultaneously. There’s definitely nothing like it, and if you’re in need of something new and music to capture your senses, this EP certainly has what you’re looking for.

As Mihalis Safras continues to pave new and exciting paths in EDM, you don’t want to miss this incredible journey. Get your mind and body ready to absorb these creations of art, and like it says in the second track, ‘let the beat control your body.’ Catch him at Goldrush 2019 next week! Grab tickets here.

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