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8 of the Dirtiest House Songs to Prepare You for Dirtybird Players

If there’s one house festival that you should attend in Arizona, it’s Dirtybird Players. The annual show is a must-see event that features our favorite Dirtybird artists including the man behind Dirtybird itself, Claude VonStroke. Shiba San, Walker and Royce, and J. Worra will also be serving up some dirty house tracks and you’re not going to want to miss a single set. To get you ready for this essential house show, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite songs, in no particular order, from the artists performing at Dirtybird Players on November 2 at The Pressroom. Warning: these songs will probably make you spontaneously start shuffling. 

1. Slink – Claude VonStroke

Dirtybird founder, Claude VonStroke, is a house genius and his latest single is a perfect example of his work. “Slink” is a true Dirtybird style track that’s funky, experimental, and will make you get on your feet. The song uses organic percussion that adds ear candy to the attentive listener and is the perfect track for even the pickiest of house-heads.

2. Rock Da House – Shiba San

Shiba San is another brilliant musician on Dirtybird, however, he wasn’t always the groovy house DJ we know today. Before discovering house music, he was a French hip hop producer for over 15 years and grew interested in the Chicago house scene. The rest is history and songs like “Rock Da House” are exactly the reason why we are so obsessed. He was named the best house DJ in DJ Mag France and for a good reason too. The energy he has when performing is magnetic and contagious, so you’re not going to want to miss his set at Dirtybird Players.

3. Round and Round – J. Worra

J. Worra found a home with Chicago house music in 2010 and decided to make it her life. After winning various DJ competitions and a spot at Spring Awakening Festival, she decided to start producing music and moved to Los Angeles to fully devote herself to house music. Now, J. Worra is a quintessential member of Dirtybird. Her latest release, “Round and Round” is a great example of her unique style. The song is energetic, dynamic, and you’re going to want to add it to your playlist.

4. Grenade – Claude Vonstroke & EPROM

“Grenade” combines the energy of bass house with the groove of tech house and it’s yet another reason to love Claude VonStroke. The song is the perfect mix of both EPROM and Claude VonStroke’s style and features some funky Dirtybird-esque basses and percussion. Let’s hope that we’re blessed with this banger at Dirtybird Players because it’s sure to get us shuffling.

5. Rave Grave – Walker and Royce & VNSSA

The power duo, Walker & Royce, started making music together back in 2011 and are important members of the Dirtybird family. Their releases are consistently incredible and their signature bass is instantly recognizable and distinct. For those of you who were lucky enough to catch VNSSA at Goldrush, you probably remember hearing “Rave Grave” and seeing the entire crowd go wild. This collaboration with Walker & Royce and VNSSA has been on repeat ever since it came out last month and for a good reason. You’ll see why everyone is so obsessed with this song instantly and don’t be surprised if you hear people shouting the catchy, and way too accurate, lyrics at Dirtybird Players.

6. I Like Your Booty – Shiba San

“I Like Your Booty” is one of my personal favorite house songs and not just because of the funny lyrics. The song came out back in 2014 on Shiba San’s earliest house EPs, All About Booty, and still is one of his most iconic songs. “I Like Your Booty” has a slightly g-house feel and the fact that two years after this release he released on Dirtybird is inspiring. You can tell from early tracks like this how talented Shiba San is and let’s hope he plays it for us at Dirtybird players.

7. Modern Medicine – J. Worra feat. Dances With White Girls

Dances With White Girls and J. Worra created a funky masterpiece last year with “Modern Medicine” and if you haven’t heard it, I highly suggest listening. As with all J. Worra tracks, this song will make you want to run to the nearest dance floor and we don’t blame you. The vocals fit with the weird, groovy bass well and the energy of “Modern Medicine” never dies.

8. Bodies Do the Talking – Walker & Royce

As one passionate Soundcloud comment states, “THIS IS MASSIVE”. That comment couldn’t be more accurate and “Bodies Do The Talking” is one the best, dirtiest songs by Walker and Royce. The distinct bass and synth shots are in true Dirtybird fashion and never fail to stir up the crowd into a dancing frenzy. When it was released in June, everyone knew that “Bodies Do The Talking” was going to be one of the house songs of the summer. If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to listen because you’re going to want to know the lyrics before Dirtybird Players. 

Claude VonStroke, J. Worra, Shiba San, Walker & Royce will be performing at Dirtybird Players Arizona this November at The Pressroom. Tickets are available here.

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