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Cashmere Cat’s Great Comeback

Cashmere Cat is an artist that has never disappointed with the amount of effort put into each released project- each one sounding like it took him as long to craft it as the time lapsed between his last release; in this case, it’s been about 2 years and every minute was well waited for.

This time he’s delivered a 19 minute, 7 track album PRINCESS CATGIRL.

The album is dominantly a self-proclamation of love and feelings for a girl. Some of the songs have less lyrical content than others but nonetheless, the message is still communicated clearly in the works as a whole. The last half of a few of the songs have intensified drops from the first half of the song which left me wishing the songs all lasted twice as long as they do, but too much of a good thing is never enough which is certainly true in this case. I just have one question after it all–who is Princess Catgirl? Is this a metaphor for a girl that he actually has feelings for in real life or is this a hypothetical character he has centered an album around in the name of art?

You can catch Cashmere Cat bringing PRINCESS CATGIRL to the Van Buren on December 21st. Get your tickets here.

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