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Cristoph Delivers a Playful Remix on the Temper Traps ‘Sweet Disposition’

Cristoph has concocted an innovative and spine-tingling tune that puts a unique spin on the Temper Traps original track “Sweet Disposition.” It is evident that with the release of this remix Cristoph has continued to charm audiences with his ability to stay authentic to his own artistry of DJing. “Sweet Disposition” has always been characterized as an atmospheric track that embodies both rhythmic melodies and expressive lyrics. Cristoph’s twist on such a recognizable song establishes a bold style and provides charisma to an already nostalgic track. Mystic beats, shadowy vibrations, and esoteric tenor perpetuates the euphoric undertone of this new release. The 8-minute track captivates listeners by introducing the use of soft waves that eventually emerge into dynamic pulses that follow right into the distinct lyrics. Cristoph has astounded his audience with his arsenal of classic edits. Throughout this remix, he is able to keep the foundation of the original song intact by slightly modifying the kick to fit his own personality, yet still allowing the vocals from the original melody to shine through. This club remix is infectious and will surely keep an audience dancing into those longer hours on the dance floor.

You can catch Cristoph as he makes his way to Sunbar, one of Tempe’s newest additions, on October 25th. You can purchase tickets right here.

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