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We’re Haunted by KREWELLA’s ‘Ghost’ on latest Single

Chicago sisters, producers, and aesthetic icons Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, aka KREWELLA, are back with their latest single “Ghost.” Following the release of “Mana” in August, the two are paving the way for an album so steamy we might not be able to handle it. “Ghost” is a powerful and complex track that doesn’t just throw down in the most lustrous way, but holds meaning behind each spoken word. KREWELLA’s hauntingly rich vocals drive the track into a propulsive drop full of strobe lights and hair raising synths. The back to back stream of electronic riffs and anguished lyrics has us all ready to body roll alongside the two. And the accompanying music video just adds to the terror of the song full of barbed wire masks and dark, melting lights.

“A shiver of loneliness, covered by a hard impenetrable outer shell. Or a satisfying aloneness, strongly led by this strength of independence. That is the dance this song tiptoes between, and the line between is quite blurry,” KREWELLA says of the track.

Out now on Mixed Kids Records, listen and watch below.

Krewella – Ghost

KREWELLA’s presence has been a strong force since 2012 with their Play Hard EP. Then their progressive house anthem, “Alive,” gained platinum certification and other tracks reached top charts. Jahan and Yasmine certainly have infected the world with their sound and aesthetic. And they continue to do more outside of music. The sisters stand behind an important cause called The Period Movement, which is all about eliminating period poverty. They appeared and spoke in a PSA demanding change in the industry to make menstrual products more accessible to those in need, including ending the Tampon Tax. As they create music that holds such immense meaning, it makes sense the two stand behind something equally as strong.

Be sure to follow KREWELLA as they tantalize us with more tracks from their forthcoming album, but meanwhile, get haunted by “Ghost.”

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