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Brondo is ‘Poppin’ Off on Latest Single

A breakout talent in recent years, Brondo is quickly climbing the ranks of the EDM universe.  Since his first release in 2018, Brondo has produced a debut album, several singles, and his latest bona fide banger, “Poppin’.” In it, Brondo displays his classic jungle bass style while also taking things to the next level.

In the first moments of “Poppin’,” we are greeted by a soothing symphony of several sounds. This ethereal ambiance is equal parts warm, welcoming, and ominous. Next, we’re met by some lively jungle drums as well as swelling strings. At this point, the track is almost like a soundscape from a motion picture. Then, this sense of epic proportions is propelled even further by low brass shots, some energetic chants, and a rising effect that leads us into the very first drop.

Once there, we’re hit with a heavy but lovely bassline, classic dubstep drums, and a wide variety of additions and modulations throughout. In the second section of the first drop, Brondo introduces several other components, including a grittier bassline, a smoother synth on top, and an even stronger urge to bang one’s head.

Bear in mind, this is just the first half of the track. Needless to say, the remainder of the song is simply fantastic, and we encourage you to experience Brondo’s “Poppin'” in its entirety. After all, you’re sure to hear it at many EDM events in the near future.

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