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G Jones Releases Mind-Bending New EP ‘Tangential Zones’

Are you ready to step into a new dimension of bass music? Electronic producer G Jones certainly is, and he’s not afraid to dive deeper into the subconscious and be immersed in the reality-shattering world of the original and iconic soundscapes he creates. After the wild and impactful success of his debut album The Ineffable Truth, G Jones has finally released the highly anticipated epilogue to follow. The new EP, Tangential Zones, contains 5 experimental, reflective, and boundary-pushing tracks that seem to seamlessly emulate the caliber and style of his previously mentioned full-length LP. With the perfect blend of both intense and serene material, the exciting EP opens up your mind and then drifts away with it into the endless world of thought. Experience the mind-warping and seemingly time-bending creations below:

With nods to and obvious inspiration taken from many of the fresh and insane sounds that were found within The Ineffable Truth, G Jones delivers yet another set of hard-hitting and wonky, yet thoughtful songs that capture the mind and take over the senses completely. With each mix containing entirely different worlds of distorted symphonies, the vision and creativity behind each piece create some of the most artistic and soul-catching vibes to ever grace the world of EDM. With notable names in the industry continuing to support him including Porter Robinson (who named The Ineffable Truth as one of his favorite albums of 2018), G Jones’ talent continues to bloom and his work never ceases to wow and impress.

Coming up at the end of December, G Jones will take the stage at Decadence Arizona, sharing the incredible lineup with hit names such as Illenium, Diplo, Malaa, and Said the Sky. Don’t miss Arizona’s biggest New Years Eve celebration! Prepare your mind and come catch G Jones as he warps reality through his music at the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler! See more info, view the full lineup, and purchase tickets here!

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