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Radio Recap: Adam Beyer Presents Drumcode Radio Live Ep. 486

The creative mind of Adam Beyer is a driving force in techno. Blossoming at the peak of the prolific Swedish techno scene, Beyer’s meticulous and considerate attention to his art has nurtured him to be a globally recognized DJ and producer. In addition to headlining cutting edge clubs and festivals week-in-week-out, Beyer is also one of the most acclaimed production talents on the scene. He delivers sonically-edgy music across his 3 labels – Drumcode, Truesoul, and Madeye. The former, Drumcode, also has an accompanying live radio show called Drumcode Radio Live, and Episode 486 is featured as this week’s Radio Recap.

Adam Beyer bumps his techno-driven set from the prestigious EDC Orlando for this week’s episode, which is filled with illustrious, hypnotic energy where the details ooze from his sound design. Radio shows usually showcase what the hosting artist prefers in their own sets, and Dromcode Radio Live exceeds this by streaming his own live set for his listeners.

If you liked this episode, don’t miss Adam Beyer live in person when he plays at Decadence Arizona on December 30th & 31st. Find your tickets here.

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