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Relentless Beat Of The Week: Andy Moor – ‘Up In Smoke’

Andy Moor’s name is firmly cemented as one of the most highly respected in the electronic dance music industry, proven by grammy nominations and countless accolades throughout his career thus far.

He holds a reputation of being one of the most ground-breaking and definitive artists in the genre and has succeeded in crafting his own signature sound. Moor pioneered several production techniques early in his career such as vocal chops and syncopated bass lines- techniques previously unheard of, but now commonly found within trance music. In his latest track, “Up In Smoke,” those ideals are alive, well and what makes the song so uniquely intricate. It sets the mood the calls for a packed club with swirls of smoke in the air  and the overwhelming distraction from the current place in time. Trance has a way of doing that and no one  does it like Moor. Check it out as today’s Relentless Beat Of The Week.

It’s not every we have a legend in our tree-covered midst. Catch Andy Moor at Shady Park on January 24 as he puts the gnomes in a trance. Grab your tickets to the show here!

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