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Slow Magic Debuts Whimsical Musical Journey in ‘Dreams’ EP

The mysteriously brilliant, animal masked producer, Slow Magic, is ready to smooth out the year with his latest release, Dreams. The six-track collection burns brightly alongside his many other melodic releases, from the multi-dimensional electronic sounds to tasteful vocals. Each track leaves you in high spirits awash with ease that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love.

Slow Magic has been enticing us with his hypnotic productions since 2012. Touring with Gold Panda, XXYYXX, and Odesza to playing on the stages of Coachella and Electric Forest, his mysticism and knack for harnessing unique sound transcends it all. After a lull of releases, this year cultivated the brilliant project that is now presented to us as Dreams. Out now on Imaginary Friends, slip into reverie below.

“Daydream” is whimsical and airy as choppy instrumentals ease under and over the fluttering of Julianne Hope’s vocals. One track after the other maintains pace and fluidity creating an atmosphere of bright fireflies lighting up the night no matter where you find yourself listening. In “I’ll Be There 4 U,” Evalyn’s vocals brilliantly merge Slow Magic’s electro prowess into a popping piece of bliss. Then we are gently guided into some acoustic vibes with “when it rains but the sun is out too.” It’s one of those that makes your heart skip a beat whether from nostalgia or clarity, before plunging into a high paced release of sound and feeling. Slow Magic then sends us off with “After,” making listeners realize we were taken on a musical journey we never knew we needed to be on.

As a producer who’s mastered the art of escapism through music, it’s hard not to keep this illuminated masked producer in your sights. And 2020 only promises more organically transcendent and introspective pieces from the music by your imaginary friend.

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