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Lubelski Conjures The Feels with ‘Somebody Like You’

Lubelski said it best in his bio when he illustrated that his sound lays “somewhere in between the realms of psychedelia, disco, world, techno, and rave.” The Los Angeles-based house music producer has been sharing his take on the house genre for nearly 4 years, bringing a level of creativeness snd ingenuity that is hard to come by.

The Desert Heart front runner’s most recent tune stopped us right in our scrolling tracks. His collab with fellow Desert Heart, RYBO, rolls in as a low end and vibey tune that blends pop, house, and progressive elements that makes for a sexy 6 minutes. Check it out below.

It’s your lucky day because you get to catch Lubelski and Andhim at Shady Park on April 19. Don’t miss this one- grab your tickets HERE.

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