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Squnto Prioritizes Mental Health with Retirement Announcement

Back in October, the MegaChop master, Squnto, announced on Twitter that he would soon be retiring from DJing, along with canceling two shows around that time. For big fans of his, this may have not come as a huge surprise, although still very upsetting. The loved producer has been very open with his followers about mental health struggles, the weight of touring, and even his own personal conspiracy theories that haunt him, so it seems he will most likely be better off overall taking the time to himself. Squnto recently played his final MegaChop Tour show in Atlanta on December 21st and says it will be his last. Read his statements below.

The news of Squnto’s retirement is saddening to many of us, but from what he has said, he will continue to produce and release music on his own time at his own pace, just most likely will not be preforming live. In an interview with Your EDM, he states “Many people don’t realize how important ‘the cycle’ is. That is: play this tour to build your profile for festival season, hit all the big festivals to build your profile for your next tour, etc. People always say ‘well why don’t you just take a break?’ It really doesn’t work like that.” Many DJs have been open this past year about their mental heath and making the topic up for conversation in the community, which is very important and impactful. We hope nothing but the best for Squnto and look forward to his self-improvement and new tracks!

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