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BTSM and ATLiens Join Forces on Epic New Collab

Canadian electronic trio Black Tiger Sex Machine and Georgia-based DJ duo ATLiens have decided to combine their dark electro, hard trap, and bass sounds to create a collaboration so jarring and epic that you’ll find yourself blown away. All 5 artists that make up the two groups are known to commonly conceal their faces during their sets (BTSM with their tiger helmets and ATLiens with their masks), and all are responsible for producing fresh hits that take your mind on a wild ride while simultaneously destroying any sense of sanity you have left. Their music is not for the faint of heart. Their new collaboration, “Frequencies,”  is unique, insane, and intensely artistic. Experience the new track for yourself below!

This new track is the 3rd release from BTSM’s untitled upcoming EP, and was released through their label Kannibalen Records. With hollow chants and building soundscapes, this banger starts off mysteriously ominous. The distorted, high-pitched, and filthy basslines make this track a mind-bending journey, and the song’s flow is dark, developed, and creative. The glitchy, wonk-filled production will have you swaying to the beat while your mind falls further into musical hypnosis. This collaboration is surprisingly epic, and blends the two sets of artists’ sounds seamlessly and seems to tell a wild story with every beat.

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