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Lubelski Shows His Love for House & Techno on Valentine’s Day Mix

House and techno music is sweetest when it’s a little weird, a little groovy, and a little soothing, and eclectic producer Lubelski is a proclaimed lover of all these musical traits. He’s devoted to tech-house blend record families like Dirtybird and Desert Hearts, labels which echo their eccentricity in the melodies of Lubelski and other artists’ music. Passion for the genre burns steadily in the brooding basslines, soulful vocals, and acidic sounds of the releases on this label and bleeds into the styles of these artists even when not directly through Dirtybird or Desert Hearts. An example of this is Lubelski’s driving and dreamy Valentine’s Day Mix, which you can listen to below.

Lubelski’s mix indulges in textured layers of sound, amorous techno, entrancing feminine vocals, and bewitching buildups. Ion Ludwig, Alexis Cabrera, Lubelski himself and others devote their odes to house beats and contemplative tempos to prove love songs don’t have to be all hearts and flowers.

Lubelski will join Andhim at Shady Park to romance the house and techno genres on April 19th. Buy your tickets here.

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