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SubDocta’s Latest EP Leaves Everybody Saying ‘OH H*CK!’

If you don’t know Preston Charles, the man behind SubDocta, then you are in for a treat. While Charles has already achieved a lot in his career, this past year was undoubtedly his biggest one yet. With not one but two EP releases in 2019—Beasts Below and Swonkle—as well as several separate singles, Preston has been pressing all the right buttons lately. More specifically, he’s been impressing his fans and fellow artists while also consistently honing his craft. In other words, in just the last year alone, SubDocta has made a massive and memorable impact on the bass music community. Now, for his first original release of 2020, Preston is back in action with a three-track, instant-classic EP, Oh H*Ck!

Before we dig into the first track, however, we need to backtrack. We need to go all the way back to June 2019, when SubdDocta dropped his Bassrush Mix. This huge release received rave reviews from fans, fellow artists, and countless others. Within this mix, SubdDocta debuted a new tune called “Ensorcell.” Since then, Preston’s fans have been consistently clamoring for the release of this jaw-dropping bop. Now, more than eight months later, they have finally gotten their wish. At long last, “Ensorcell” is available to the public on all streaming services; and it was definitely worth the wait.

The highly anticipated “Ensorcell” is simply scintillating. With one of the most distinct intros in recent memory, ‘Ensorcell’ immediately sets itself apart from modern dubstep. Not only is it fresh, unique, and inspired, but it’s simply incomparable to any other dubstep intros; and, for many listeners, that is an accomplishment in and of itself. Moving on, this trend continues as the track progresses. Soon enough, we receive a generous sample of a savory bassline. From there, we are absolutely hooked. As if the intro wasn’t impressive enough, the drops are nothing short of phenomenal. In them, Preston flexes an extensive arsenal of basslines, sound design versatility, and overflowing creativity. Words cannot express how impressive this track is from start to finish.

Now, how does one follow up an act like that? Well, as one would expect, SubDocta does a perfect job. The middle sibling of the EP, “The Joose” wastes no time in picking up the tempo, getting us moving, and blasting our faces with an awesome amount of bass. With a quick build, a perfect groove, and a wide variety of basses throughout the drops, “The Joose” will definitely get you loose, goofy, and positively giddy. We challenge you to pick a favorite sound within this song. Trust us, it’s practically impossible.

Last but certainly not least, we have another song that dates back to the infamous Bassrush Mix, “David Stroganoff.” An excellent addition to the EP, “David Stroganoff” is showing off yet another style from the ever-versatile SubDocta. A bit little slower and deeper than its predecessors, “David Stroganoff” is on another level. While the quantity of sounds may have decreased, the quality is still simply sensational. With retro synths, timeless basslines, and countless other intoxicating elements, Subdocta goes off on “David Stroganoff.”

The Oh H*Ck! EP may be just three tracks long, but, as Preston demonstrates, that’s more than enough time to make a statement. In less than 12 minutes, SubDocta delivers some of his best music yet. His signature sounds are evolving, he’s adding more and more skills to his bottomless repertoire, and, perhaps most impressive of all, he continues to create fresh, unique, and ultimately authentic dubstep. If this EP is any indication, then 2020 and the years ahead will be absolutely incredible for Preston Charles.

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