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Abraxis Releases Second Track ‘Night Rider’ With Crystal Skies

It’s been over three months since the newly eternal trio consisting of Seven Lions and Dimibo debuted their first track “Old Gods” and played a packed set at Dreamstate SoCal 2019. Using influences of psytrance, mid-tempo, and melodic dubstep cohesively is one hell of an imprint to try and make, but Abraxis is doing it flawlessly. Even though the project is still young, there’s promise that the name is going to take over even the pickiest of trance and melodic dubstep fans. Following “Old Gods” we see the trio working with Crystal Skies on a speed provoking track called “Night Rider.” This marks the first release on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records for Abraxis. Out now, listen to it below.

The track dips and turns throwing obstacles and drops that revolutionize the game. Incorporating fusions of rock and psytrance in one single piece, the result is something dark and heavy. After the first rush passes we are lulled into the bridge, but only for a moment as the waves of synth pick up again and we’re tossed like rag dolls amongst the behemoth sound. “Night Rider” is rigorous and thundering, full of lasers and an intense guitar melody, as the ending ballad is pure head-snapping bliss. With “Night Rider” sending everyone for a spin, Abraxis has done it again.

The appearance of Crystal Skies isn’t the first time Seven Lions has collaborated with them. Also melodic dubstep fanatics, the three worked on a highly irresistible piece called “Sojourn.” It only seems right that we see the five of these undeniably talented people bringing together their individual expertise for one solid track called “Night Rider.”

Keep your eyes and ears out for more Abraxis in the future, but for now, get ready to see one-third of the masterpiece on April 3rd or 4th at Phoenix Lights. Click here for tickets to see Seven Lions alongside Kayzo, EPROM, Peekaboo, and so much more.

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