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Dive into Synth-Bliss With Andhim’s ‘Opals’ Remix

Ten years ago German duo, Andhim, emerged from behind the decks in their studio to show the world what they could create. Productions of charismatic energy and creativity bloomed violently around their appearance and it wasn’t long before the two received international acclaim. They floated in different creative circles before Andhim debuted, Simon Haehnel scratching with jazz musicians and Tobias Mueller on a turntable-crew called Noisy-Stylus. It was when the two were at a Bavarian sausage-eating contest, facing off in the final round, did they knew that Andhim was about to be born. With a meeting like that, it’s no wonder their sound brings together something playful on stage while cementing passion in the studio.

Most recently, the duo took to remixing Catching Flies’ quiet, meditative piece, “Opals.” Out now on Indigo Soul, listen below. 

Andhim delicately reworks “Opals” in a stuttering flurry of sparks overlaid on a passionate whisper of ambient sound. Each instrument introduced slowly, in perfect harmony, as tension builds to release into a glittering pool of synth bliss. The drumline moves us along the flow of Catching Flies’ original piano, it’s like we’re walking on water. “Opals” reflects that soulful and organic taste the duo dubs “Super House.”

“Opals” appears on Catching Flies’ 2019 debut album, Silver Linings. Tracks from the album found their way into sets like Bonobo, George Fitzgerald, and Lane 8. And now, on April 17 born George King is releasing a remix package including the Cologne duo, Andhim.

Andhim will be swirling the trees of Shady Park with Lubelski on April 19th. Be sure to buy tickets here and immerse yourself in a textured and psychedelic infused bath.  

Connect with Andhim: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Catching Flies: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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