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SVDDEN DEATH & Marshmello ‘Crusade’ Trailblazing Track

San Jose native SVDDEN DEATH, born Danny Howland, has bowed to none and slowed for nothing since his legendary track “Behemoth” turned the collective electronic music industry into a frenzy last year. Howland has since embarked on his pleasurably and psychedelically disturbing VOYD project among maintaining an onslaught of releases and festival performances. It hasn’t even been three months into the new decade yet and SVDDEN DEATH has already unleashed an inspiring and unpredicted collaboration with Marshmello titled “Crusade.” Listen below.

The single comes as the first original release from both artists and showcases their mastery for their individual styles with the dynamic influences of both SVDDEN DEATH and Marshmello. The fluid musicality, melodic tones, and funk influence spruce the single that many might not have expected from the two. Rather than hit the listener with a full force of bass, “Crusade” dances around as a playfully dangerous concoction of genres. Rather than follow the predictable bend in the river of sound, SVDDEN DEATH proves again he’s taking on electronic music with a fresh sound.

SVDDEN DEATH is going on a crusade to The Van Buren on April 18th. You can grab tickets by clicking here.

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