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You’re in ‘GOOD COMPANY’ with ford., Sonn & Hanz’ Latest EP

Collaborations are one of my favorite things; when minds meet, magic gets created. That is, without a doubt, what happened when Foreign Family Collective labelmates ford., sonn, and Hanz got together. The three incredibly talented artists had never actually met, only collaborated online, before putting out this outstanding project. The lush and flowing mind of ford. reached out to sonn and Hanz with some ideas and shortly after all three met up at the FFC studios in Seattle to get to work. Their 6 track EP, GOOD COMPANY, is out everywhere now for you to listen to!

All three of the artists styles complement each other beautifully on this EP. The tone of GOOD COMPANY is similar to their prior music, but with a dash more of a lo-fi vibe. The melodies glisten, the lyrics are passionate, and the tracks all flow together effortlessly to create a full, atmospheric story. The first single off the EP, “The Feeling” featuring vocals by Ralph Castelli, is bound to steal your heart, and the following track “Home” is said to be the favorite by the three producers. ford., sonn, and Hanz can all agree that they were in “good company” when creating this project. It is amazing that three individuals from all different parts of the world, Germany, London, and Norway respectively, could communicate and come together through social media and music to birth new sounds into the airwaves!

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