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Madeon Releases Highly Anticipated New Track, ‘The Prince’

Artist/producer Madeon released “The Prince”, his first original song since releasing his full length album Good Faith in 2019. “The Prince” was originally the first song written for Good Faith, but ultimately proved too thematically different from the tracks that followed and was held back from the final tracklist. After spontaneously playing the song during an online set, fans’ enthusiastic response compelled the artist to release the track. For Madeon, it serves as a darker prologue to Good Faith.

“A few months ago, I performed a live-streamed set for my friend Porter Robinson’s online festival “Secret Sky””, recalled Madeon. “I remembered “The Prince” and spontaneously decided to play it out for the first time during that show. That moment is now a truly cherished memory of mine! I never intended to release it, but the enthusiasm from fans convinced me.”

Download or stream ‘The Prince’ now here!

Madeon has been busy the past months, with the most recent release of his Lena Headey-directed video for his Good Faith album track “Miracle.” Starring Heady’s fellow Game of Thrones cast member Maise Williams, the gorgeous short film showcases the emotional impact of the single. Check out our write up on Miracle here.

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