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CHEE drops paralyzing new EP on Deadbeats including a special collaboration with Mr. Carmack

Bass maven CHEE is anything but ordinary. A natural-born visionary with a penchant for all things explosive, CHEE returns to the frontlines of electronic dance music with his Paralysis Analysis EP. The 5-track extended play featuring a special collaboration with Mr. Carmack is out now via Deadbeats.

CHEE’s rapid ascent to global acclaim was no bout of luck. His acute attention to the finest details of electronic beat-making led to praise from bass music heavyweights like Noisia, Amon Tobin, G Jones, Mat Zo, and many more. In April 2020, the celebrated South African producer was rightfully crowned a Billboard Dance Emerging Artist ahead of his Quarter Inch EP which received shining reviews across the entire dance music mediasphere. His impending sophomore EP Paralysis Analysis distills technical dance music with the familiar markings of mainstage bass. A symbolic passing of the torch, the EP also includes a collaboration with long-time fan and fervent supporter Mr. Carmack. Equipped with a brilliance so luminous, Paralysis Analysis shines a light on sounds never-before-heard in contemporary bass. Blending textural synths with geometric sound-design, Paralysis Analysis is a cutting edge triumph with a fierce bravado. Experimental and accessible to boot, Paralysis Analysis is expected to propel CHEE further into his blossoming legend status. Watch this space.

“I was elated to have my good friend African Ginger work on the art for Turn Up and later have the opportunity to work with him on the final EP art,” says Chee of the release. “I wanted the recurring theme to be a feeling of restraint & the need to escape, but partially being paralyzed by one’s own mind. The process of overanalyzing, causing one to freeze and be a prisoner of their own thoughts. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, especially after this last year, and I feel the art does the perfect job portraying that internal conflict a lot of us face daily.”

Stream Paralysis Analysis now here!

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