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MitiS releases single “Hurt” off his recently announced album ‘Lost’ on Ophelia Records

Joseph Torre, popularly known as MitiS, is a young melodic/ bass producer from Pennsylvania, who has been fascinating people since 2012. Torre is a classically trained pianist and has used his early musical career to influence his sound- giving him the ability to transform the simple of sounds into the most beautiful and  euphoric melodies. His distinct melodic bass  sound has become a foundation for his music and has gained him great recognition among many in the electronic dance community. MitiS teamed up with singer/songwriter  and prouder Zach Gray on his newest single “Hurt.”

“Hurt” is the third single released on his  recently announced upcoming album ‘Lost’ on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Record; The album’s release date is still yet to be announced. This beautiful song follows  two other powerful and very moving songs, “Try (ft. RØRY)” and “Homesick (ft. SOUNDR)”– all now available on Spotify.” Throughout the years, MitiS has touched our heart with his musical talents and will continue to surprise us with even more music to come on his new album. Follow MitiS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify for more!  


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