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We played Chris Lake’s latest remix to 3 non-ravers — Here’s what happened

In typical Chris Lake fashion, he’s delivered another incredibly soul-pleasing remix after putting his own explosive spin on Miane’s ‘Who Are You?’. The original track was released on his very own label Black Book Records earlier this year, giving us all a good look into how legendary 2021 is going to be for the veteran British producer and DJ. Ibiza-based Miane is one that Chris Lake has had his eye on for years, so it comes as no surprise that he leveled up her already killer of a track with an energizing bassline.

To make even more of a statement with this saucy tune, he’s also released a limited quantity of ‘Who Are You?’ merch that comes with a baggy hoodie and beanie covered in the bold artwork from the track.

Chris Lake Who Are You Merch

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To indulge in Lake’s latest remix with Miane even more, we decided to share the masterpiece with people who don’t normally listen to EDM or house music at all (at least not voluntarily). We had the pleasure of meeting Jazmine, Antone and Austin – all Phoenix locals who had never even heard of Chris Lake before. None of them listen to EDM on a daily basis and Jazmine was the only one who had been to a festival before, but only to see Travis Scott (at Phoenix Lights).

Just to give you a little taste of their music preferences, their favorite artists ranged from Sza, Kehlani and Lil Uzi Vert to NWA Dua Lipa and Luke Bryan. We definitely had our work cut out for us! When we asked them what they were expecting to hear:

Jazmine: “Some form of bass drop or a mash-up of some sort with a more mainstream song”

Antone: “Lots of upbeat, hypnotic vibes and looping tracks”

Austin: “Randomized synth and beats with a little touch of white noise”


After serenading their ears with the encapsulating vocals and bassline of Lake’s twist on ‘Who Are You?’, we were actually surprised by their reactions. All 3 of our new non-raver friends said that they liked the song and would actually listen to more of Chris Lake’s tracks in the future. Especially when they need a nice lift in energy for working out or cleaning. They even went as far as saying that they would attend a festival that he’s headlining!

Give Chris Lake’s remix of Miane’s ‘Who Are You?’ a good listen below and catch him at our first destination event WAVES in Cabo May 27th – 31st! He’ll be headlining this sweet summertime festival with none other than Fisher and joined by other hard-hitting house DJs like Valentino Khan, Dustycloud and John Summit. Grab your tickets here.

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