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1788-L releases ‘Parallel: S’ EP with two new bangers

This past Friday, April 2nd, the futuristic and synthetic sounds of artist 1788-L were released in his new EP titled ‘Parallel: S’. ‘Parallel: S’ is 1788-L’s third EP, which includes two tracks, “Human Machine” and “Automaton”. “Human Machine” has a slower tech-dub build up that transitions into a futuristic and glitch-like bass drop that makes you feel like you are being chased through a video game, while “Automaton” is slightly more upbeat and will get you up and dancing. Both tracks showcase the diversity that the Deadbeats artist includes within his music and allow for a wide fanbase to find interest in. From 1788-L’s debut in 2018 and through collabs with Rezz and Illenium, the synthetic DJ has grown exponentially in popularity and we hope to hear more new releases from him soon.

Listen to ‘Parallel: S’ here.

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