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Remix Recall: Loud Luxury’s “Turning Me Up (Hadal Ahbek Remix)”

This week’s remix spotlight is shining on Loud Luxury’s remix of Issam Alnajjar’s original song ‘Hadal Ahbek’. If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably already heard the hit when it first went viral this February. Issam Alnajjar is a young Jordanian singer-songwriter who first released the song in September of 2020. ‘Hadal Ahbek’ is an acoustic Arabic song that tells a story about a “love that will never end”. This year it became the first Arabic song to ever hit number one on global charts.

Loud Luxury teamed up with Ali Gatie and Issam to create yet another viral sensation when remixing ‘Hadal Ahbek’ into ‘Turning Me Up’. ‘Turning Me Up’ keeps Issam’s catchy chorus along with Loud Luxury’s signature sound and adds some new lyrics by Ali Gatie. The new lyrics hold the same kind of love story as the original tune, but are mostly sang in English. The new speeded up tempo really brings this song to life. Loud Luxury’s production of this remix is spot on and they never miss a beat when it comes to dropping a fire remix.

We can not wait to see it live for the first time this Friday at Sunbar in Tempe!

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